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Issue: PV-17.04.19: #1($3,99)  
Publisher: American Mythology  
Price: 3.88 EUR  3.88  
Families: Humor;  
2019: LEGENDARY COMEDY DUO LAUREL & HARDY JOIN OUR NOSTALGIA COMEDY LINE! Laurel & Hardy are back with brand new nostalgic adventures based on their fan-favorite comedy! The magic of Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy was recently reintroduced through the Stan & Ollie film starring John C. Reilly and Steve Coogan! Jorge Pacheco returns to Laurel & Hardy for the first time in 30 years, delivering beautiful interior and cover art! Laurel & Hardy #1 comes in two covers: Main and Limited Edition by Pacheco! But don't let comic book history pass you by! Grab a copy of our special B&W 350-copy limited edition Laurel & Hardy comic book while they're still available!  
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