Group: Still Available   Section: Relist   Category: TPs, GNs  
Issue: ($17,99)  
Publisher: Image  
Price: 18.15 EUR  18.15  
Creator: Casey, Joe; Marra, Ben  
Families: History;  
2019: The year is 26 C.E. A young Nazarean carpenter is having some trouble adjusting to the violent world around him-and finding his place within it. He knows he's different, but he doesn't know why. Not yet, anyway. A bloody, two-fisted tale of historical heroic fiction brought to you by JOE CASEY (SEX, BUTCHER BAKER, THE RIGHTEOUS MAKER, MCMLXXV) and BENJAMIN MARRA (Night Business, Terror Assaulter: O.M.W.O.T.).  
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