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Title: DARK RED  
Issue: PO-20.03.19: #1($3,99)  
Publisher: Aftershock  
Price: 4.06 EUR  4.06  
Creator: Seeley, Tim; Campbell, Aaron  
Families: Fantasy;  
2019: Charles 'Chip' Ipswich isn't one of those coastal elites with a liberal arts degree and a job at a social media start-up who knows where all the best brunch places are… No, Chip is one of the 'forgotten men.' He lives in a rural area in the middle of the country where Jesus still has a place at the dinner table and where factories send jobs to Calcutta. Chip is also a vampire. Stuck working the last shift at a gas station, Chip is lonely and bored…and then his dull, bleak life is turned upside down when SHE comes to town.Tim Seeley (BRLLIANT TRASH) and Corin Powell (Ghostbusters, X-Files Origins: Scully, Bat-Mite) bring you a contemporary and horrifying tale of vampirism in the heart of America - one that'll make you jump right out of your boots.  
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